DE-OX® Oxide Inhibiting Compound from ILSCO

ILSCO Celebrates 120 years in 2014… ILSCO's De-Ox® oxide inhibitor is available in three distinct formulas. The standard non-grit, petroleum based formula is suitable for aluminum and copper connections. It performs very well in keeping moisture and air from penetrating the connection, thus preventing oxidization and therefore prolonging the life and integrity of the connection.

Our De-Ox-Z zinc formula contains zinc flake additive and is designed for use on aluminum or copper connections. ILSCO's De-Ox-C copper formula contains copper flake additive formula is designed for use on copper connections.  In both cases, the flake filled formulas act as an abrasive that roughs up the smooth mating surfaces of the conductor and connector, providing an enhanced bonding between the two surfaces. The advantages of the enhanced flake filled formulas include better holding strength and cooler operating temperatures. The flakes also act as a thickening agent that holds the De-Ox in place or helps keep it packed tightly in the connection, especially under surge conditions.

All three De-Ox formulas are available in a variety of different packages and sizes including bottles, tubes and packets.

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