DC-Sat.Net Selects HaiVision's H.264 for Satellite

DC-Sat.Net Selects HaiVision's hai1000 for Affordable H.264 Satellite Video Transport Solution

December 4, 2007 - HaiVision Systems Inc. (Montreal, Canada), the world leader in performance video encoding technology, today announces that DC-Sat.Net, the UK's most experienced provider of VSat video transport, has selected the hai1000 series of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codecs to provide efficient video to IP compression for IP based satellite transmission.

"DC-Sat.Net's focus is to provide affordable world wide occasional use video transport in order to allow broadcasters and webcasters to introduce new content to their audiences," states Steve Flood, founder of DC-Sat.Net. "Our expertise is an affordable network video service and the HaiVision component is extremely important."

DC-Sat.Net provides an end to end video transport service from mobile vehicle to the broadcast center. Housed within standard commercial vans or trailers, DC-Sat.Net couples a transportable VSat terminal with the hai1000 to provide mobile solutions that are about 10 times less costly than typical SNG trucks, and 4 times less expensive to use and maintain. These low cost contribution vehicles are attractive, but the main value of DC-Sat.Net's service is the IP network transport. The high quality IP video streams must traverse a satellite IP system and then cross over to a terrestrial IP system, occasionally over the open internet.

"DC-Sat.Net's application challenged and engaged us on a number of levels," said Francois Gariepy, HaiVision's president. He continues "as we have come to know them, they are an extremely capable technical company and we are very proud to be a part of their success story."

DC-Sat.Net provides event contribution feeds for both specialty broadcasters and larger organizations such as the BBC and The Press Association.

HaiVision's encoder/decoder systems are as well extremely attractive in interactive broadcast applications due to their extreme low latency and high reliability. HaiVision's new MAKO-HD codec achieves a mere 70 millisecond end to end latency at high definition resolutions up to 1080p.

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HaiVision Systems Inc. is a private company dedicated to improving the way people live and work through the use of advanced network video technology. HaiVision's interactive products are used in the foremost telepresence suites, boardrooms, and continuous presence distance education systems worldwide. They are used as well in the medical field supporting information and service delivery within hospital campuses and across nations. HaiVision's streaming products are also used extensively for video backhaul and distribution in broadcast and IPTV applications. Please have a look at the product information, case studies, videos, and file samples available in the file download area of our web site (haivision.com/account/downloads).

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