DataRemote Partners with Tactical Software® to Offer Seamless, Affordable Connectivity for Legacy Equipment with New CDS-9060 and IP Manager 5.0 Software

VENTURA, Calif., June 8 // -- Global wireless solution provider DataRemote Inc. and independent software vendor Tactical Software, LLC(R) have launched a new wireless solution that combines DataRemote's newly enhanced, robust CDS-9060 wireless modem and IP Manager 5.0 software with Tactical Software's COM/IP(R) COM Port Redirector virtual COM port software -- to provide unparalleled wireless connectivity for analog legacy equipment.

Most carriers today operate within IP-based structures -- subsequently there are few fixed IP options in most applications. However, this innovative new solution provides users the ability to create their own applications that can retrieve IP addresses. It also allows users to create one standard set-up profile and then configure multiple modems within that original profile, which provides greater ease in support, as DataRemote can now program a profile and email it to the customer. "At DataRemote, we have always been committed to creating comprehensive M2M solutions, as opposed to simply focusing on individual products," said Kris Kelkar, President and CEO of DataRemote. "That's why we were happy to partner with Tactical Software to develop such a unique solution that enables legacy applications to set up a TCP/IP connection and communicate with our new CDS-9060 modem."

With the new solution, when a legacy device tries to dial a phone modem, it communicates with the new software in the system, which interprets the message. The IP Manager 5.0 looks up available IP addresses associated with the CDS-9060 modem and then sets up a TCP connection, thereby allowing an analog phone talk to the CDS-9060. And since it employs the DNS standard, it also allows customers to create their own applications that can retrieve IP addresses, without being limited to pre-existing applications.

Tactical Software has been developing innovative COM port redirector software for more than a decade and designed a new feature to meet DataRemote's requirements in support of the new partnership. Tactical Software added a feature to allow DataRemote to customize its DNS server to use a coded dial number to dynamically address wireless endpoints. "DataRemote has been wonderful to work with given their clear focus on their customer's needs," said Liisa Walsh, President of Tactical Software. "This has been a very successful integration of our redirector technology into a solution for the wireless marketplace -- it's exciting to see new market segments where our products are being utilized."

The amazingly reliable new CDS-9060 boasts a robust TCP stack and a new, easy to use GUI that makes user deployment incredibly simple on a large scale. It can interface with GPS simultaneously while interwoven with legacy devices, and provides both packet-switched and circuit-switched services, along with SMS and analog transmissions.

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