Datalogic Enters into a Global Partnership with Re-vision, a Leading Company in Self-scanning Software Solutions Worldwide

Datalogic partners with Re-vision, a Dutch leader in self-scanning software solutions to combine the versatility of the Joya™ Touch A6 mobile computer with Re-vision’s software capabilities for self-scanning applications.

Eugene, Ore. (PRWeb) July 31, 2020 -- Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, is pleased to announce a partnership with Re-vision, a Dutch company leader in self-scanning software solutions. This strategic alliance is meant to combine the versatility of the Joya™ Touch A6 mobile computer with Re-vision’s software capabilities for self-scanning applications.

Retail technology is changing more rapidly than ever, with pressure to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Self-scanning solutions meet these challenges, empowering customers to take control of their shopping experience. Datalogic and Re-vision have been working with some of the leading retailers worldwide, and this complementary offering will allow customers to accelerate and optimize their digital journey.

The Joya Touch A6 is the ideal companion for self-shopping: among all the features, its ruggedness and wireless charging technology make it a natural choice over consumer devices. It allows frictionless checkout featuring ergonomic design, ease of use, and an advanced platform for software solutions. Re-vision leverages this platform with its modular My-Scan™ platform, offering a tailored and end-to-end shopping solution. The excellence of this market leader’s software suite permits Re-Vision to further extend their footprint supporting the Datalogic device worldwide in offering a unique customer experience.

“Re-Vision is convinced that this strategic partnership will convert business and offer a completely new angle to the concept of self-scanning. This best-of-breed combination of software and hardware brings self-scanning to a broader market, providing a holistic solution to our retail customers on a global scale”, says Michael Sabrkhany, VP Global Sales at Re-Vision. “We are delighted to work with Datalogic as one of the leaders in self-scanning hardware, to deliver this pivotal improvement.”

“This relationship unites Datalogic’s self-scanning device, the Joya Touch A6, which has revolutionized shoppers’ experience worldwide, minimizing checkout times while allowing greater personalization, with Re-Vision’s advanced self-scanning solutions. Datalogic’s unmatched experience and technological prowess paired with Re-Vision software will equip retailers with ideal ways to tackle future challenges”, declares Andrea Lamotta, ISV Manager EMEA at Datalogic.

For Additional Information About This Partnership Contact:
Andrea Lamotta, ISV Manager EMEA at Datalogic at
+44 (0)774114 6611

Michael Sabrkhany, VP Global Sales at Re-Vision
+31 20 7709 001

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Jose Vega

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