Datalogic Coordinates the European Project "Select", a Research Project Funded by the European Commission for the Development of Innovative Wireless Solutions to Manage the Logistics and Manufacturing Chain

Bologna, 16 November 2010 - Datalogic will coordinate a research project funded by the European Commission entitled SELECT (Smart and Efficient Location, idEntification and Cooperation Techniques). The project focuses on designing an automatic wireless system for identifying and detecting objects in real time in the area of intelligent transportation and manufacturing and in the Supply Chain Management area in particular.

Alongside Datalogic, the work team will comprise another 7 European enterprises, all highly specialized in R&D in the wireless and RFID areas. The team's task is that of creating an innovative wireless system for identifying and locating objects through the use of cutting-edge tags that can be read from a remarkable distance (for example, via readers installed in the ceiling of warehouses or along the production line) and that are able to automatically transmit their own identification code as well as information that locates them within the building. The passive tags and the outstanding location precision are rather innovative elements that represent the final targets of the research project. It will also be possible to read the tags with systems working with today's standards too and their structure will be very similar to a current RFID tag, with the aim of obtaining comparable and therefore very low costs.

SELECT is part of the seventh framework program (2007-2013) for research and technological development promoted by the European Commission. According to the Grant Agreement number 257544, SELECT will be funded for 2.850.000 Euro over a total period of 36 months.

The project, which was launched on September 1st, has already kicked-off with the first meeting organised in Bologna, at the headquarters of Datalogic SpA, during which a detailed work schedule for the forthcoming months was defined. On this occasion, the 8 member enterprises exchanged their experience and skills in the wireless technology application areas.

It is important to point out that the whole activity will give special emphasis to the analysis and application of "environmentally friendly" solutions, which are favoured by the types of tags used, thanks indeed to the fact that they are able to guarantee low consumption, by exploiting passive communication (without using batteries) and thanks to smart cooperation strategies of the technologies already in use.

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A. commented:

"Datalogic has made Research & Development and Innovation a true business philosophy that constantly drives us to look towards the future, towards new achievements and new technological solutions. Just a few figures: 25 million Euro invested each year in R&D, 9 Research centres across Europe and America, 300 specialised engineers and 890 patents registered worldwide. We cannot but be proud to have gained the funds and leadership for this project which we are certain we can fulfil successfully, guaranteeing the application of new and innovative technological solutions. I would herewith like to thank the work team that we have put together, all of whom are qualified professionals and with remarkable experience, who will know how to reach the best possible results".

Giancarlo Micheletti, CTO Datalogic S.p.A and director of the Select project, stated:

"Datalogic has become a leading business and reference point worldwide on the pertinent markets thanks to its readiness in accepting and winning the challenges put before it, especially technological ones. Select is an important opportunity for our company and for the other partners of this project to make a breakthrough in researching the most efficient management methods of the logistic chain, to the whole advantage of technological progress and economic development".

Alongside Datalogic, the SELECT consortium is made up of the following enterprises:

ARMINES (France): a no-profit organisation specialising in contractual research for academic institutes. Armines boasts plentiful experience acquired thanks to high level cooperation relationships with ENSTA ParisTech (École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées), whose researchers are actively involved in the Select project.

CEA-LETI (France): the leading European centre in the field of microelectronics, microtechnology and nanotechnology research. CEA-LETI employs about 1000 people and registers approximately 200 patents each year. It is a member of CEA, the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission.

CEIT - Centre of Technical and Research Studies of Gipuzkoa (Spain): a no-profit centre founded by the University of Navarra in 1982 that focuses on researching industrial applications, also thanks to its collaboration relationships with business R&D centres.

CNIT- National inter-university telecommunications consortium (Italy): a no-profit organisation comprising 37 Italian universities. Set-up in 1995 and acknowledged by the University and Research Ministry, the consortium focuses on coordinating and promoting theoretic and applicative research activities and on advanced education in the field of telecommunications. Each member is involved in the design, manufacture and management of appliances, systems and services in the field of telecommunications.

FRAUNHOFER IIS (Germany): the largest research institute of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Fraunhofer IIS is known for its research projects in microelectronics, in Information Technology, in telecommunications, in audio and multimedia technologies, digital radio, digital cinema, Satellite navigation, medical engineering, logistics and mechanical and industrial automation.

NOVELDA AS (Norway): a company set-up in 2004 as a spin-off of the University of Oslo with which it still works actively today. Novelda AS works in the field of Microelectronics and specializes in particular in "nanoscale wireless low-power technology".

ORIA (Slovenia): a Slovenian company that offers consultancy and applicative solutions in the fields of e-logistics, e-energetics (gas and other energy sources) and other e-business applications. Oria has been in business since 1988 and employs 35 researchers.

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