CYMCORP Teams up with NetQube Marketplace

Customers can earn rewards by purchasing VIPROX and PREZERV products through NetQube

Dunvegan, ON -- CYMCORP, a Canadian supplier and manufacturer of all-natural health and skincare products, announces that its products are now available on NetQube Marketplace (NQMP). By listing the company’s health-care and skincare products on NQMP, consumers will get rewards and cashbacks for everything they order through the site.

“Geography and accessibility should never be barriers to good health,” says Robert Gauthier, President, CEO and the founder of CYMCORP. “This is especially important nowadays when a worldwide pandemic has wreaked havoc on the health-care infrastructure, global economy, and everyone’s finances. So we wanted to give people a chance to save money and get something back whenever they order our products. NetQube gave us that tool.”

CYMCORP’s VIPROX health-care and PREZERV skincare brands are already available through its own website and on Amazon. Now NetQube Marketplace seeks to distinguish itself by incentivizing the shopping experience, giving customers rewards and cashbacks for shopping on the site and referring people to the platform.

“The uncertainty surrounding economic changes can feel overwhelming -- even frightening,” says Dan Wolfanger, the CEO of NetQube Marketplace. “That’s why we created NQMP: to provide a path that benefits both consumers and companies through our unique cooperative community. We don’t want them to simply survive; we want to empower and help them succeed through these changes.”

NetQube is a digital marketplace with an ever-expanding catalog of health and beauty brands. As the platform grows, NQMP will expand its offerings to include other lifestyle brands, such as clothing, jewelry and accessories, home and living, entertainment, and outdoor gear.

“We built the NetQube Marketplace on three pillars,” says Keith Begly, VP of Global Marketing at NetQube Marketplace. “It needs to be community centric to foster a global community where everyone, brands and customers, are equally valued. It needs to be innovative so we can inspire engagement. And finally, it needs to be results driven, where profit and scalability are top of mind. CYMCORP’s brand philosophy and its products closely align with our own ideals, and we are thrilled to have them join our platform.”

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Since its founding almost 20 years ago, CYMCORP’s primary mission has remained the same: to help people take back control of their health. Based in Ontario, Canada, CYMCORP is a manufacturer and supplier of scientifically proven, all-natural and non-toxic products to improve overall health and strengthen the immune system. The company’s goal is not only to protect people’s health, but also to protect their quality of life.



Robert Gauthier
President and CEO
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Dan Wolfanger
NetQube Marketplace

Keith Begly
VP of Global Marketing
NetQube Marketplace

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