Cyclopure Announces First Ever Products Using DEXSORB

Company Unveils New Look to Roll Out Home PFAS Water Test Kits

ENCINITAS, Calif., Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cyclopure, Inc., a leading innovator in water purification technologies and the developer of DEXSORB® filtration products, officially launched its home PFAS Water Test Kit today. Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), such as PFOA and PFOS are prevalent in drinking water systems across the country. The company now has an easy to use test for that.

At Cyclopure, we believe that the water in your home should be healthy, affordable and sustainable. It should not be a carrier of illness causing toxins. We are working to use our smart and sustainable science to provide a suite of solutions that allow households to conveniently and affordably test for toxins in their tap water, complimented by purification products to remove detected contaminants.

Cyclopure CEO Frank Cassou announced that "We are pleased to offer consumers a first of kind service that makes high-quality, lab standard water analysis available to households. Our PFAS Water Test Kit is our first product using patented DEXSORB adsorbents, and is a forerunner to PFAS purification products planned for Summer 2020. The PFAS Water Test Kit incorporates the same DEXSORB technology that we use for PFAS removal from drinking water to capture the chemicals in tap water for recovery and analysis at our lab."

"We designed our PFAS Water Test Kits with convenience, affordability and accuracy in mind. Using the rapid removal of PFAS properties of our DEXSORB+ adsorbent, we are able to provide a water test procedure that does not require the collection and return of actual water samples. This has allowed us to streamline all aspects of the water test experience, and share that value with you."

New Look: Cassou also referenced the company's new brand, "Working with Four Fin Creative of San Diego, we decided to refresh our brand for this important occasion. Since we started the company in 2016, we've been heads down optimizing our novel adsorbent technologies. If you followed our announcements over that time, you will recall their distinct scientific flavor. As we now begin to bring our water purification materials to market, we wanted to shift to a brand that resonates with communities and people.

Our science is world class, but at the end of the day, Cyclopure exists to provide water purification solutions that provide affordable access to clean water. Our mission is to use our innovations to restore tap water to a level of trust with households. We're old school; we think "drinking water" should be drinkable. We want to help close the window on single use plastics as a water source … it's bad for the pocketbook, unreliable in quality and awful for the environment. Explore our new website to learn how we turn corn into versatile water purification solutions. We hope you see those values in our new brand and look."

Making Water Safe - About Cyclopure
Founded in 2016, Cyclopure is a materials science company and a leader in water purification technologies. The company's line of DEXSORB adsorbents are based on breakthrough technology that converts renewable, corn-based cyclodextrins into highly adsorbent materials engineered to safely strip away hundreds of micropollutants, including perfluorinated compounds (PFOA and PFOS), pesticides, and pharmaceutical compounds from drinking water.

Flexible in design, Cyclopure has developed two novel adsorbent formulations, DEXSORB and DEXSORB+, to address different problems of water treatment. Cyclopure's DEXSORB adsorbents can be produced in varying particle sizes, allowing for use across a broad spectrum of water purification applications.

Cyclopure is working with global partners to develop its DEXSORB adsorbents for commercial use in home water filtration products, food and beverage applications, and municipal drinking water and wastewater treatments. The company's just announced home water test kit is the first-ever consumer test kit offered to test for PFAS contamination using easy-to-use passive sampling techniques.

For more information about Cyclopure, Inc. and its mission to make water safer with novel adsorption technology, please visit or follow Cyclopure at, and For Media Inquiries, contact Frank Cassou at

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