CyboEnergy is Ready to Release CyboInverter, the World's First Solar Power Mini-Inverter at Intersolar NA

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. -- CyboEnergy, a subsidiary of CyboSoft, General Cybernation Group Inc., (Rancho Cordova, CA), today announced that it is ready to release CyboInverter, the world's first solar power Mini-Inverter at Intersolar North America in San Francisco on July 9-11, 2013.

CyboInverter is a patent-pending solar power Mini-Inverter possessing the key merits of both central inverters and microinverters. Each 4-channel CyboInverter can connect to four solar panels using 4 pairs of MC-4 connectors and generate up to 960W AC power. Each CyboInverter's input channel has its own control and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) mechanism based on CyboSoft's Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) control technology so that power production is maximized and the partial shading problem is eliminated. A number of CyboInverters can daisy-chain with attached AC cables and connectors. No time consuming solar panel alignment, nor complex DC cable and/or AC cable installations are required. A CyboInverter can be easily mounted on the back rail of a solar panel outside or hung on a wall inside. A CyboInverter based solar power system is simply the easiest one to install due to its unique features and advantages.

CyboEnergy CEO Dr. George Cheng said, "CyboInverter was first introduced and demonstrated at Intersolar 2011 in San Francisco and received overwhelming response from the solar community and media. We are now pleased to announce that the necessary regulatory tests have been completed and trial installations have been successful."

CyboEnergy will release two product models aimed at the U.S. domestic market and the India market, respectively, as follows:

1. CyboInverter (CI-Mini-1000A) is a grid-interactive Mini-Inverter to produce 240V, 60Hz, up to 960W AC power to be sent to the grid.

2. CyboInverter (CI-Mini-1000T) is an off-grid Mini-Inverter to produce 230V, 50Hz, up to 960W AC to power AC loads such as fans, lights, TVs, computers, etc.

In Booth 8139 at Intersolar, CyboEnergy will run live demos for both product models. Since grid-interactive and off-grid solar power systems are quite different, CyboEnergy has designed unique CyboInverter live demos for the show.

For more information and to see the product demonstrations, please visit the CyboEnergy booth #8139 at Intersolar on the second level at Moscone West Convention Center, in San Francisco on July 9-11, 2013.

About CyboEnergy and CyboSoft

CyboEnergy is a subsidiary of CyboSoft, General Cybernation Group Inc., focusing on the development, manufacturing, marketing, and services of the product lines in the energy and clean energy field. Founded in 1994, CyboSoft is the leader in control technology serving the worldwide process control, building control, and equipment control markets. CyboSoft's patented Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) control technology for automatically controlling physical processes is a major breakthrough. No other comparable technology possesses all the attributes of MFA.

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