Customers Embrace Cascading Arc Technology Using Oerlikon Metco's SinplexPro Plasma Spray Gun

Winterthur, Switzerland — New SinplexPro spray gun appeals to a large customer base because it allows applicators to standardize coating parameters across multiple spray systems.

Oerlikon Metco today reported brisk sales of its SinplexPro plasma spray gun and that the rate of adoption is increasing steadily. The SinplexPro spray gun, launched approximately two years ago, brings the benefits of cascading arc technology to customers on their existing plasma spray systems. These benefits, which include significantly higher throughput and improved coating repeatability, save customers time and cost to apply thermal spray coatings using atmospheric plasma spray.

Customers have also found it is much easier to standardize their coating processes using SinplexPro to achieve the same coating quality and structure across different plasma spray system platforms — an endeavor that is considerably more challenging with legacy plasma spray guns, but long desired by the industry.

"For our customers operating multiple plasma systems within a single facility, as well as our multina-tional and global customers operating plasma systems at a number of facilities, this is a very important and appealing argument for making the switch to cascading arc technology," states Omar Sabouni, Oerlikon Metco Product Line Manager. "We have a substantial number of customers who purchased an initial SinplexPro spray gun and are now standardizing their coating parameters across different system platforms with additional purchases; some of those being operated on competitor platforms."

The value of this is clear — SinplexPro creates the ability for customers to introduce and benefit from advanced plasma spray technology. Customers can then easily duplicate those benefits on often different control platforms; thereby providing a cost-effective route towards process standardization with very minimal development effort.

SinplexPro, along with TriplexPro, comprise the company's revolutionary and highly successful cas-cading arc spray gun portfolio. These spray guns are employed by customers in aerospace, printing equipment, automotive, power generation, oil and gas and a number of other industries for a wide range of coating applications.

Oerlikon Metco's highly efficient cascading arc plasma spray gun portfolio. Top: TriplexPro-210. Bottom: SinplexPro-90.

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