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Customer Service in the Data Age

Press release date: Jun 04, 2012

Quality customer service is somewhat of a difficult claim to prove sometimes, and then a single customer service event comes along that solidifies that claim. At Cherry Systems we recently had an opportunity to prove not only that we are a great customer service oriented operation but also that the customer's data is completely safe with Cherry Systems. As you read this story you may think just a lucky hit. Let me assure you that this is just one recent example of many.

A customer called our Recovery.Advisor line on May 17th 2012, inquiring about a 1" 4 Gb hard drive he brought in for evaluation in June 13th 2008 (almost four years ago). After quoting the customer the price of the recovery in June 2008 we have not heard from him. All attempts to contact the customer were unsuccessful. Upon his request to resurrect the recovery, using our modern job-tracking-system, we matched his name with a job number under which his drive was accepted. In less than a day the drive was located in our long-term storage. In the exact same condition it was checked-in. That is customer-service!

The reason why this is so significant is; We at Cherry Systems Inc. know how valuable your data can be and we make every effort to recover it, protect it and hold it seemingly forever, for the just-in-case scenario. We want our customers and prospective customers to know, that when you trust Cherry Systems, you can rest assured that no data has ever been compromised, been leaked or has been lost in our facility, in our more than 25 years of existence.