Curtiss-Wright Launches Successor to Its Popular VME Video Window Processing Engine

New Cobra 2 Video Windows Module provides 12 video inputs, simultaneously displays up to 4 full HD video windows

ASHBURN, Va. – Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that its Defense Solutions division has introduced an enhanced successor to its popular Cobra video windowing VME engine. The new Cobra 2 (SVME-C978) adds support for advanced features, such as full HD video, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) networking and artifact-eliminating video buffering, to the industry leading functionality of its predecessor. The rugged, high performance Cobra 2 is a multi-input video windows processor that accepts up to 12 video inputs, of which up to four (4) can be simultaneously displayed as individual windows on a high-resolution display. 

This flexibly configured single-slot module supports TV, RS-170, RS-343, STANAG and HD video. Output resolution, which can be up to 1600 x 1200 or 1920 x 1080 HD, is programmable via the module’s built-in firmware. The SWaP-optimized Cobra 2 provides system designers with an open architecture line replaceable module (LRM) alternative to bulkier and more costly dedicated video windowing subsystems. Designed for use in deployed multi-function consoles and operator/crewstation displays aboard defense and aerospace platforms, Cobra 2 speeds and simplifies the integration of powerful video windowing into systems that require reliable, high quality man-machine-interface (MMI) functionality.

"The introduction of Cobra 2, represents Curtiss-Wright’s commitment to being the industry’s leading supplier of rugged COTS video windowing processing solutions for deployed operation, whether at sea or in the air," said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “Our new video windowing engine builds on the success of its popular predecessor, and brings leading-edge technology such as support for full HD video, GbE networking and advanced video buffering to defense and aerospace system integrators.”

Windows, Overlay and Background Processing

Cobra 2 supports a wide variety of window display configurations including quad-video, picture-in-picture, and full-screen zoom. It also support alpha blending and the cross mixing of video sources. In addition to its video windowing capabilities, the Cobra 2 provides an input to support a high resolution video overlay and the module provides support for screen capture, enabling the user to transfer desired video and graphics data to a remote host for printing or occasional recording. Cobra 2 can be completely controlled over its Ethernet or RS-232 interfaces.

Cobra 2 Configuration and Versions

Graphics are input to the Cobra 2 via its analog RGB or DVI digital interfaces from, for example, an external graphics card. The module receives the video inputs either from the VME P2 connector or from the front panel. Up to four (4) of the inputs may be selected under software control for display as windows. The Cobra 2 provides both a digital DVI output, to drive flat-panel displays, and a standard analog RGB output. Any of the selected video sources can be windowed to any position on the screen or can be zoomed for viewing at full-screen. A complete system architecture typically consists of a host processor (with a graphics card) and the Cobra 2 video windows card.

Complete Command & Control Solutions

When combined with Curtiss-Wright’s radar scan-conversion display module products, Cobra 2 provides a complete Command and Control solution. Cobra 2 is compatible with a wide range of Curtiss-Wright products, including the Cougar radar acquisition and scan conversion system. It can be used with a wide array of Curtiss-Wright cards and system level products that feature a video output capability.

Rugged Touchscreen LCD Displays

Curtiss-Wright offers a comprehensive family of rugged touchscreen LCD displays for use with the Cobra 2, such as the 17.3” AVDU4300 rugged LCD Mission Display and the recently announced enhanced 12.1" AVDU3000 and 14.1” AVDU3600 LCD displays. These displays feature sophisticated control and video handling capabilities designed specifically for the unique demands of airborne applications. Curtiss-Wright’s high-resolution rugged mission displays maximize mission effectiveness by enabling operators to select one or more video streams for simultaneous display from multiple input sensors. Each member of this new generation of displays is fully qualified to the DO-160 standard for airborne equipment, reducing the risk to system integrators of failure during commissioning or operation.

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