Creative Safety Supply Is Now Offering a Giveaway to Win a LabelTac 4 Industrial Label Printer

Win a chance for the #1 rated industrial printer that creates top quality labels at a fraction of the cost for pre-printed or outsourced labels.

Creative Safety Supply is showing their appreciation for past and future business by announcing a grand giveaway during the months of January through February for a chance to win a LabelTac 4 Industrial Label Printer. It only takes a few seconds to fill out the short entry form for a chance to win the #1 rated industrial label printer in the market.

The LabelTac 4 Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer is the easiest way to print all 5S, pipe marking, facility, lean, and other labels in-house. It will print both indoor and outdoor signs and labels up to 4" tall, and 40" long. Labels are UV, chemical, weather, water, and wear resistant, and won't fade or smear over time. The labels are perfect for use in any environment such as a quiet, office scenario, or even the toughest industrial manufacturing facilities.

The LabelTac 4 comes complete with templates and symbols, allowing for a quick and easy start up with making labels. The printer will connect to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, or most other Windows-based programs. The printer does ship with the easy-to-use Bartender label creation software for companies that don't already have a word-processing program. It also has a built-in Ethernet connectivity, so multiple computers in the facility can conveniently print to the same LabelTac 4 printer, allowing all departments to enjoy the benefits without spending additional money for multiple printers.

A business owner commented, "We really like how we can design our own labels when needed. Otherwise, we love using the templates that come with the printer for completing quick jobs."

Please visit to complete the entry form for a chance to win and to find out more information about LabelTac 4 Industrial Label Printer. The site will also give more information about the contest rules and regulations.

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