Creative P-O-P Solution Gives Marketer a Million-Dollar Look and More

EVANSVILLE, IN -- When the rising cost of steel drove a top consumer products marketer to find a more cost-effective way to display its line, Crescent Plastics responded with a brilliant solution that paid off in several ways. By combining a high-gloss plastic extrusion with a concentrate formulated with a specific particle size and pigment distribution, Crescent produced a point-of-purchase extrusion that delivered the high-quality look of metal at a far lower cost. Best of all, it weighed far less than the steel part it replaced, reducing shipping weight and fuel consumption. By changing this part and three others, Crescent's innovative solution saved the company several hundred thousand dollars in materials and shipping costs without sacrificing the appearance that's so important to its branding.

To learn how Crescent's creativity can reduce your parts cost, call Jon Hubers at 812.428.9339, or visit

Contact Name: Jon Hubers
Title: Sales Manager

Company Name: Crescent Plastics, Inc.
Address 1: 955 Diamond Avenue
City: Evansville
State: IN
Zip: 47711
Phone: 812-428-9339

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