CPC Label Can Now Print your Aluminum Nameplates through Anodizing!

Aluminum nameplates are a favorite of our customers. They are generally more inexpensive than heavier gauge Steel or Brass, and they have a nice looking finish as well. Aluminum would be your next step up if chrome polyester doesn't meet your products needs (usually heat or environment). Aluminum can come with various grades of adhesive, or it can be punched with holes for mounting or stringing. Aluminum can be surface printed using our highest quality digital methods and now it can even be anodized- a very special process that absorbs the printing under the surface of the aluminum, for maximum exposure protection!

About CPC Label

Consolidated Products Company (CPC) is headquarted in Linwood, New Jersey. We are THE source for all your custom printing needs. We are printing specialists, experts. What makes us experts? How about over 140 years of front office experience in our industry. There's not a market we haven't served since our incorporation in 1973. From Fire Door Mfg, to Food Beverage, to Chemical Packaging, to you name it - we can take care of you.

We have been a UL Recognized Supplier for over 30 years and we work very hard to maintain our knowledge of standards across many different UL Listed Industries. Please follow this link to view a complete menu of our UL Recognized Components MH11691 and make sure to call us if you have any questions about how we can help.

Although our beginnings were simple enough- large orders of your basic permanent label for a handful of different industries (primarily lighting), we had to change with the times. We continued to expand our production supply to include more exotic items such as Rigid Metal Nameplates, and Polycarbonate overlays. Through this journey we have been blessed to work with a big and diverse range of customers, suppliers, and industry experts. With every challenge or problem that we've faced in production, we have called on our team and our network to find the best solution possible- and we learn from each experience to improve that much more. We know we are all in this economy together and our goal is to do whatever we can to make it the most competitive in the world. Please do give us a call or email so we can help with whatever you may need.

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