Cooper Industries Offers a Wide Range of Cost - and Labor-Saving Solutions

Cooper Products Increase Efficiencies, Reduce Cost of Ownership

DUBLIN, - Cooper Industries (NYSE: CBE), a global provider of electrical solutions, knows that companies are continually striving to do more with less. So, to help increase productivity and bottom line, Cooper has developed a wide range of products and solutions designed to offer both cost- and labor-savings. Including innovative solutions offering tool-less installation, a reduction in components and a smaller footprint, Cooper Industries is helping distributors and end users meet business goals and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Cooper Wiring Devices offers a complete line of Arrow Hart(TM) QuickGrip Industrial Plug and Connectors ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial manufacturing, residential repairs and healthcare facilities. These efficient, dependable and durable solutions allow for quick and accurate wiring. Features include a roomy wiring chamber and large, funneled wire entry to ensure proper wiring. They also have a clear terminal cover to visually verify secure termination. Their single-piece, hinged bodies offer a unique terminal configuration placing screws in only two directions for both a reduction in total parts and installation time.

To quickly and easily support pipes of all sizes, Cooper B-Line now offers users Kwik-Clip(TM) pipe hangers and Snap 'N Shield(TM) supports.

With a non-metallic frame designed to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and prevent galvanic corrosion, new Kwik-Clip(TM) pipe hangers utilize a one-piece assembly for reduced installation time. Their efficient, tool-less installation allows installers to simply snap Kwik-Clips into channels or onto 3/8" threaded rod for an instant, secure connection. They are available for tubing O.D. ranges of 3/8" to 2 1/8" and meet UL2043 requirements for plenum rating and UL94 HB flame rating.

For the most reliable, durable and cost effective way to protect insulated pipes, Cooper B-Line offers Snap 'N Shield(TM) supports. Ideal for horizontal pipe runs, the supports offer a tool-free installation snapping directly onto the channel for maximum support and protection. Snap 'N Shield supports remain in place as pipes expand and contract, protecting the piping insulation from damage and eliminating the risk of leaks caused by contact between piping lines, trapeze bars or threaded rod. Snap 'N Shield supports are UL classified for USA (UL-723 (ASTM E 84)) and ULC listed for Canada (ILC-S102.2).

The newly introduced ACE Series Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) from Cooper Crouse-Hinds is another example of labor-savings through innovation. Designed specifically for hazardous areas, the ACE VFD features a NEMA 7 enclosure with patent-pending active cooling technology, allowing a traditional VFD to be housed inside the classified enclosure without the risk of overheating. Because it can be mounted next to the motor in the classified area, installation of Cooper Crouse-Hinds' ACE VFD series is simple and cost-effective, eliminating the need to run long lines of conduit and motor cable or build off-site control rooms in non-hazardous areas. Once installed, the ACE Series Explosionproof VFD also provides the traditional VFD benefits of energy savings, speed and torque control with real-time system diagnostics.

To shine a light on time and energy savings, Cooper Lighting has developed the Lumark Crosstour(TM) LED Wall Pack Series. Featuring the industry's first universal back box design, the Crosstour series can be quickly installed to all standard junction boxes without the use of adaptor plates or loose hardware. Available in three high-performance LED lumen packages (10-watts, 20-watts and 30-watts), Crosstour replaces up to 175-watt metal halide fixtures, offering up to 90 percent in energy savings. The series' unique patent-pending, slim, low-profile design provides solutions for wall, surface, post (bollard), low-level and inverted installations. The series is also IP66 rated, ADA compliant and UL/cUL Listed.

Cooper Controls also offers a unique solution for added savings with its NeoSwitch(TM) wall switch occupancy sensor. This lighting control combines a wall switch, occupancy sensor and daylight sensor into one easy-to-use energy management device for maximum savings. It automatically adjusts in response to occupancy and natural light levels to eliminate lighting energy waste in empty rooms and when sufficient daylight is present. NeoSwitch controls can also be integrated into the HVAC systems to turn units ON or OFF in response to occupancy. They also feature an ECO indicator light that glows green when lighting energy is being saved.

The Cooper Power Systems Cleer(TM) 600 Amp Loadbreak Connector System dramatically reduces outage durations, and cuts labor by 50% over bolted connections without having to de-energize, remove bolted terminations, or move or stress heavy cables, during maintenance and repair operations. The Clççr patented design provides reliable switching under load - allowing other circuits to remain energized - while the visible break and visible ground provides peace of mind to those working on energized equipment. The C-shape connector is light weight, and easy to install and remove with a clamp-stick for added safety.

Cooper Power Systems is also increasing savings by making the smart grid even smarter with its new Yukon(TM) 5.3 Advanced Energy Services software. Implemented at more than 300 cooperative, municipal and investor-owned utilities across North America, Yukon 5.3 software includes enhanced functionality, including Integrated Volt/Var (IVVC) applications that support per phase voltage regulations as well as a Web-based operational dashboard; Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solutions to support a blended communication approach; and Demand Response Management Solution that supports ZigBee SEP 1.1-based devices.

To save time and money from specifying through installation and long-term maintenance, Cooper Bussmann has enhanced its Quik-Spec(TM) Coordination Panelboard (QSCP) product offering. Now available with up to 1200A mains, the QSCP offers quick, flexible configuration with an online configurator tool, allowing specifiers to configure it to exact needs, price out and order components all with the click of a mouse. The QSCP makes selective coordination easy in a fully fused system by simply following published fuse coordination tables, saving time and costs associated with plotting extensive time-current curves. All these benefits come in a footprint that's up to 40 percent smaller than other fusible panelboards saving valuable wall space.

"Our customers continue to tell us time and time again that they are looking for a complete line of products that will both create jobsite efficiencies and reduce cost," said Cooper Industries Chairman and CEO, Kirk S. Hachigian. "To show that we hear them loud and clear, we've developed a wide range of solutions across our product lines. From LED lighting products to panelboards and software, Cooper Industries works hard to develop innovative products that allow our customers to see real savings from installation through long-term maintenance."

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Cooper Industries plc (NYSE: CBE) is a global electrical products manufacturer with 2011 revenues of $5.4 billion. Founded in 1833 Cooper's sustained success is attributable to a constant focus on innovation and evolving business practices, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and meeting customer needs. The Company has seven operating divisions with leading market positions and world-class products and brands, including Bussmann electrical and electronic fuses; Crouse-Hinds and CEAG explosion-proof electrical equipment; Halo and Metalux lighting fixtures; and Kyle and McGraw-Edison power systems products. With this broad range of products, Cooper is uniquely positioned for several long-term growth trends including the global infrastructure build-out, the need to improve the reliability and productivity of the electric grid, the demand for higher energy-efficient products and the need for improved electrical safety. In 2011 fifty-nine percent of total sales were to customers in the industrial and utility end-markets and forty percent of total sales were to customers outside the United States. Cooper has manufacturing facilities in 23 countries as of 2011. For more information, visit the website at


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