Convaid Introduces Red brake Handles on all Pediatric Strollers, Pediatric Wheelchairs and Adult Wheelchairs in Line with International Safety Regulations

Convaid Inc. introduced new bright red brake handles on all its pediatric strollers, pediatric wheelchairs, and adult wheelchairs to conform to new international safety regulations recently announced in Australia and New Zealand strollers code AS/NZS 2088:2000 . Many of Convaids' customers take advantage of the advanced mobility products and tend to travel extensively internationally and domestically. Convaid specifically wanted to provide reassurance to its customers that wherever they travel, their wheelchair would be compliant with local safety regulations in Australia and New Zealand by specifically denoting a red brake handle. In the future it is hoped that the uniform acceptance of making a brake handle red, will assist caregivers around the world in understanding this important safety mechanism.

Many children are injured every year when the stroller they are in rolls away from the caregiver and into a hazardous situation. The new red brake handle is highly visible, which should reduce these incidents.

More detailed information about the complete range of pediatric strollers, pediatric wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs and their related options and accessories can be found at

About Convaid

Convaid specializes in complete range of pediatric strollers, pediatric wheelchairs & adult wheelchairs. The wheelchair product line has advanced design, seating & mobility combinations for a variety of special needs and physical disabilities. Many options & accessories equip the wheelchairs for rehab seating and advanced positioning with custom accuracy.

Convaid is known globally as the OEM for the following Wheelchair brands: EZ Rider®, Cruiser®, Metro®, Rodeo®, Profiler® Scout®, Safari® and Mountee®, Compax®, Cuddlebug®, Convertible®

Convaid is a registered member of the following organizations:



Texas Rehab Providers Council


All Convaid pediatric strollers, pediatric wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs are backed by a lifetime warranty, meet all wheelchair safety requirements and are ANSI, RESNA, and WC19 compliant.

For more information, please contact Convaid, Tel: (310) 618-0111, ext 116 or email Gina Reed

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