Continental Chemical USA Expands Its Product Line for the Oil & Gas Industry

CEO Announces New Trade Names for CCUSA's Proprietary Oil Gas Blends and Black Powder

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Don T. Ascione, Chairman of the Board at Continental Chemical USA announced today that CCUSA has once again expanded its already extensive line of bulk chemicals and custom blends to better serve the needs of the Oil Gas Industry. 

In close collaboration with 2 of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty drilling fluids for the Oil & Gas Industry, CCUSA now offers 10 NEW trade-named proprietary products that were engineered to perform specific functions in the "oil patch."  According to Ascione, his company's new product offering includes…:

• CON-CORR HIGH T – an environmentally responsible, high temperature acid corrosion inhibitor

• CON-CORR LOW T – an environmentally responsible, low temperature acid corrosion inhibitor

• CON-CLAY 39 – a permanent clay and shale stabilizer

• CON-SURF 91 – an extremely effective surfactant and flowback aid in stimulation treatments

• CON-SURF EF– an equally effective and environmentally responsible surfactant and flowback aid in stimulation treatments

• CON-LUBE EF – a bio-based, environmentally friendly multi-purpose lubricant designed to reduce drag and torque in drilling and completion operations

• CON-CLAY CC – a concentrated choline chloride based mixture used as a temporary formation stabilizer

• CON-CLAY TWO – a temporary formation stabilizer and KCl substitute

• CON-CLAY EF – an environmentally responsible temporary formation stabilizer and KCl substitute

• CON-STABLE SHALE – sulphonated asphalt used for shale stabilization

According to Robert Sellari, Continental's President, "The introduction of these new products enables a one-stop shopping experience for oilfield chemical buyers.   In addition to the 94 bulk chemicals we offer that are commonly used for oil and gas exploration, completion and maintenance, we can now offer some of the world's best performance fluids and powders."  Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets for each of these products are posted at the company's website.

To buy any of these products today, to schedule an in-person product demonstration or to request additional information, interested parties are cordially invited to visit the company’s website…:

or submit inquiries directly to the company

Continental Chemical USA

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