Conical Mandrel Test BD3000

The Conical Mandrel Test BD3000 is a laboratory apparatus to bend coated test panels over a conical shaped mandrel in order to assess the resistance of a coating, paint or varnish, to cracking and/or detachment from a metal test panel under standard conditions.

Application/areas Test apparatus used with wet and powder coatings in coatings in coating manufacturers laboratories and qc-labs of coating applicators.

Features Sturdy apparatus made of a combination of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Ergonomic clamping device for test panels and large knob on bending arm for easy and smooth bending.

Special Care

Make sure all actions such as the clamping and bending are carried out without using any heavy forces, don't exceed the max panel thickness. Check the mandrel visually for mechanical damages or marks.

Technical Data

Mandrel range: 4 to 38 mm dia.

Test panel size: 100 x 180 mm

Max. panel thickness: 0.8 mm

Apparatus dimensions: 110 x 250 x 150 mm

Weight: 4200 grams

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