CompuDAS SG-6 Controls and Monitors Processing in a Chinese Helicopter Factory

CompuDAS, a leader in Industrial Control and Monitoring, has completed the installation of two of their SG-6 Control and Data Acquisition Systems for a Chinese Helicopter Manufacturer (Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, Peoples Republic of China). The systems are being used to monitor and control composite curing ovens provided by Wisconsin Oven Corporation. CompuDAS provided special Chinese language software and instructions for operator control of the units.

The COMPUDAS SG-6 is a complete, flexible, stand alone Control and Data Acquisition System designed to monitor, document and control processes for Ovens, Autoclaves, Furnaces and Presses. Process measurements are stored on the SG-6 control systems solid state hard drive for transmission to the operator PC as desired. This allows the control system to operate even if the operator PC should happen to fail during a run.

The SG-6 Control and Data Acquisition System generates files that are windows compatible. The user interface software is a windows based application providing recipe creation, recipe recall, process monitoring, data file archiving, report generation and operator high-level control. A secure PC connection allows for monitoring of processes remotely. This feature minimizes downtime and costs when technical support is needed by allowing CompuDAS to provide remote support.

CompuDAS provides industrial control and monitoring systems to the aerospace and composite industries that meet current applicable industry specifications such as AMS-2750 and BAC-5621 as required.

For further information please contact:

Tom Eckhout
CompuDAS Control and Data Acquisition Systems

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