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Instron, a leading provider of testing equipment solutions designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, announces our new Composites team. Lead by Composites Marketing Managers Ian McEnteggart and Lorenzo Majno, this team specializes in composites solutions for mechanical testing. Areas of solutions for mechanical testing include: static, dynamic, impact, rheological, software, and services; all of which meet the demands of ASTM, ISO, AITM, Boeing, and other international standards.

Composite materials show a wide range of behaviors and are often challenging to test as tensile and compression testing properties are sensitive to gripping and alignment. Instron's high-precision, stiff and robust testing frames are built to withstand repeated shock loads from composite specimen failures while maintaining the highest levels of alignment demanded by the aerospace industry using adjustable AlignPRO(TM) alignment fixtures.

Another area Instron expertise is in determining the properties of composite materials over a range of temperatures. This demands accurate control of the specimen temperature along with grips and fixtures that perform reliably at various temperature settings and are easy to use. Instron provides temperature chambers, grips, test fixtures, and extensometers for testing over a range of temperatures from -70 to +250º C (-94 to +392º F). The testing systems are designed to make switching from a test performed at room temperature to a test performed at a specific temperature as well as changing the test type a quick and simple operation.

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