Communication at Work

Workers in any job setting need to improve their communication skills. Empathy among workers affects how well each person communicates. Employees need to feel that what they say is very important in being able to work effectively with others and feel safe and understood. This will help productivity in the workplace and move closer to resolving conflicts.

Good Communication Skills:

 • Acknowledge others communicating with you verbally and non verbally

 • Rephrase thoughts. Rephrasing and repeating what has been said to you insures that you understand what was said and what was meant.

 • Listen actively. Listening is the key to developing any kind of relationship.

 • Speak clearly. People miss your point if you hard difficult to understand.

When Three Sixty Safety works with your company, our safety advisors guide your team in effective communication. TSS has a “ground up” approach. Everyone from the employee on the line, to the supervisors, to the CEO should feel they have a valid voice.

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