Cole Carbide Announces New Corporate Partnership

Orion Twp., Mich. Cole Carbide has announced its partnership with Rivit, an Italian-based producer and distributor of fasteners, rapid fastening systems, tools and machines for sheet metal assembly. The partnership brings Cole Carbide, a globally integrated manufacturer of precision-ground carbide cutting tool solutions and systems, into position to sell Rivit products to their expanding consumer base. 

"Cole Carbide's partnership with Rivit is a next step in moving our vision forward, which is to connect with and expand upon our global community," said Cole Vice President of Sales Frank Hebda. "As we welcome Rivit into the Cole Family of Companies, we are excited to branch our product offerings through a more international level."

Rivit is the first company to be grafted into Cole Carbide's newest subsidiary, Cole Diversified Products (CDP). CDP joins the well-established Cole Carbide Industries and Cole Tooling Systems subsidiaries, which offer a diverse range of standard products and custom engineered solutions to meet cutting challenges and needs.

"As a business division within Cole Carbide, CDP is the point-of-contact for Rivit products," Hebda explained. "Through CDP, you are given access to a wide range of Rivit installation tools for fasteners, designed to meet working requirements for automotive assembly and other sheet metal applications."

As a leading manufacturer of fastening systems, Rivit's products are ideal for the commercial vehicle industry and industrial auto body works. Tooling options include hand, pneumatic, hydropneumatic and cordless tools for blind rivets, as well as tools for rivet nuts.

For more information and to browse through the Rivit catalog, please visit the Cole Carbide website,

Founded in 1936, Cole Carbide is the leading manufacturer of precision-ground carbide cutting tool solutions and systems. The Cole Family of Companies, defined through its three subsidiaries, satisfies diverse market application challenges by offering standard products and custom engineered solutions. Cole connects to the global community through integrated channel partners, with manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and sales outlets located in 30 countries. Cole Carbide is headquartered in Orion Twp., Mich.


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