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Toolmaster 6000 5-axis CNC exhibited at IMTS 2006
Exhibition: IMTS 2006 booth Hall B 7417

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Scottsdale- Toolmaster 6000 5- axis CNC precision tool grinder will be exhibited at the upcoming IMTS 2006 show in Chicago September 6-13, 2006. The machine is manufactured in the USA by RT Industries and is being introduced to the market by Novatech. The Toolmaster was designed to give the operator easy access and good visibility. Menu driven software from MTS, Tool-Kit Professional, covers the entire cutting tool spectrum from drills, milling cutters to profile tools, cylindrical or tapered with square, corner or full ball nose ends. The machine is small in footprint and easy to maintain. Toolmaster 6000 comes with the latest PC Control by Sieb & Meyer USA. The grinder can be configured with Auto loading. For more information please contact Novatech at 480-991-9445 or email to

Claude Burkhardt
Novatech, Inc.

15895 N 77th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260-1216

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