CipherLab Announced Material Change of 1166/1266 Bluetooth Scanners from TPR to TPU and Engine Upgrade of 1266 Bluetooth Scanner

To provide better products to its customers, CipherLab changed material from TPR to TPU for Bluetooth scanner 1166 (starting from serial number AF6006495) and 1266 (starting from serial number AG6003574).

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a non-toxic and environmental friendly material, and it offers unmatched abrasion and wear-resistance comparing to the current TPR.

Though the material will be changed, the appearance and functions will not be affected. Field test for three months had been done through the assistance of our partner Welcom in Japan.

Always pushing for better quality, CipherLab also upgraded the laser engine of 1266 Bluetooth scanner for higher performance (starting from serial number AG6003574). After the replacement, the reading ranges dramatically increased by 40.9% (for 0.15mm barcode).

Both 1166/1266 with new changes are available now, and please contact our sales representative for more information.

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