ChipSiP Creates a Fun and Smart Lifestyle by Core Miniature-Force of SiP

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 2, 2011 - ChipSiP Technology Co, Ltd. (Taiwan: 3637), the leading company in turnkey SiP solutions, features "Smart, Share, Smile" at Computex Taipei 2011. SiP technology has been merging into daily life by seamlessly concealing miniature design in electronics after its groundbreaking in slimness and light-weighted for multimedia devices. The convergence of life and SiP is bringing people at the core of smart life.

Sam Wang, President of ChipSiP, said, "ChipSiP announced a concept of smart life in 2010, and delivering a view of fun, smart lifestyle for this year. We hope to drive the core engine of SiP technology to meet portability for mobile applications by miniaturization solutions, and to combine wireless technologies, everyone can enjoy a smarter, easier and even more fun life with ubiquitous connectivity. Such a brand-new networking life has been ignited by SiP."

Accumulated hundreds of multi-chip package solutions for digital camera, ChipSiP introduced DDR3 Memory SiP at Computex 2011 to meet current trends for multimedia devices toward high-performance and high-efficiency.

Otherwise, in order to share in wireless connectivity, GPS, WiFi+BT and such as highly integrated RF SiP are designed for life on the go. Moreover, by leveraging core miniature-value of SiP, ChipSiP launched WiDi, mini AP/router, Pad(MID) turnkey solutions, which can address system manufacturers' needs: slimmest, smallest and most power-efficient.

"ChipSiP's WiDi Box was awarded the Best Choice in Computex 2011. The product was praised for its smallest size (86x55x17mm) in the world. By combining with WiFi MIMO, the WiDi Box enables videos, photos and web pages to display on televisions from PCs," Sam Wang, President of ChipSiP, pinpointed. Besides, having an insight into mobile multimedia entertainment on iPad-like devices, ChipSiP takes advantage of SiP in slimness and power-efficiency to unveil a Pad(MID) turnkey solution with mere 9.86mm height. The easy-to-implement solution is optimized for personal digital entertainment, and it is powered by the composition of stacked memory, RF SiP and Android operating system.

In order to allow people to enjoy ubiquitous connectivity with ease, ChipSiP integrated LAN and WAN functions into a mini AP/Router turnkey solution within a compact size (87x58x18mm). Everyone can keep immediate communications with simplicity through connectivity interface like USB.

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Source: ChipSiP Technology Co, Ltd.

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