Chemir's Definitive Deformulation Unlocks Product Information

October 2009, St. Louis, MO - Chemir Analytical Services introduces Definitive Deformulation, a service that helps companies develop new products and solve difficult problems. Unlike other laboratories, Chemir's unique Definitive Deformulation process discovers the raw materials used in a formula, with absolute concentrations of each ingredient. The information gained may be used to improve a formula, understand a competitor's product or resolve manufacturing problems.

A typical deformulation laboratory will characterize major formula components using simple screening techniques. With Definitive Deformulation, Chemir's scientists can identify and quantify the ingredients in a product. Quantitative methods are then validated by evaluating accuracy, precision, and instrument linearity to ensure quality results. Chemir's final deformulation lab report includes tables of ingredients and their relative concentrations, original data, and pertinent conclusions and recommendations.

"Chemir is a leader in providing deformulation services," explains Eric Uffman, Ph.D., Vice President, Technology of Chemir Analytical Services. "Definitive Deformulation is a continuation of over 50 years experience in identifying and quantitating product's components. We're proud to offer this unique service to companies seeking information about their own or their competitor's formulations." Definitive Deformulation projects may involve home, health and beauty products; industrial and consumer cleaners, plastics, composites, rubber products, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and more. Chemir's scientists have special expertise in polymer deformulation, including medical devices and medical plastics.

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About Chemir Analytical Services

Chemir Analytical Services solves challenging problems involving chemical analysis and material testing. Since 1959 this independent laboratory has solved thousands of issues involving deformulation (reverse engineering), contaminant and impurity identification, product failure analysis, analytical method development, patent, intellectual property, and other legal challenges for over 7000 clients. Many of Chemir's clients are Fortune 500 companies. The scientific staff of 35, including 8 Ph.D. level chemists, uses state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and expert interpretations to assist such industries as polymers, plastics, medical devices, packaging, coatings, food and beverages, personal care products, consumer products, specialty chemicals, high-tech materials and more. For more information, visit

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