Chemineer(TM) Agitators Now Certified to ANSI/NSF 61 and 372 Standards

Dayton, Ohio – Chemineer branded agitators, designed and manufactured by the Mixing Technologies Group of NOV, has received the ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and ANSI/NSF Standard 372 certifications for its agitators. These certifications will enable Mixing Technologies to broaden its scope of business in the water treatment industry. As a certified supplier of agitation equipment, Chemineer agitators are approved for drinking water related applications.

ANSI/NSF 61 and ANSI/NSF 372 cover indirect additives, products and materials. These standards address crucial aspects of drinking water system components, specifically, determining whether contaminants that leach or migrate from the product/material into the drinking water are above acceptable levels in finished waters. The standards also evaluate lead content as well as testing requirements and methodologies for material lead content analysis. The intent is to establish minimum requirements for the control of potentially adverse human health effects from products that contact drinking water.

ANSI/NSF 372 was developed in 2010 to enhance the ANSI/NSF 61 requirements by specifically stating the lead content evaluation procedure as well as testing requirement and methodologies for material lead content analysis. This is often a requirement of California.

When a material is certified under ANSI/NSF 61 and ANSI/NSF 372, its certification indicates use restrictions on parameters such as maximum use temperature or surface area-to-volume ratio, when the material is used in a finished product. Assuming the use of certified materials, this option allows manufacturers to bypass some or all chemical and microbiological testing when seeking certification, and assures that finished products meet all requirements.

NSF International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization and is considered the world leader in standards development, product certification, education and risk management for public health and safety. Founded in 1944 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, NSF International services manufacturers operating in 80 countries.


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