Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. Unveils New Products at WEFTEC

FORT PIERCE, Florida/October 5, 2006- Recognized as a world leader in water and wastewater treatment and an ISO certified company, Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. (CIT) will be unveiling its newly patented SUPERIOR(TM) VacuFeed, SUPERIOR(TM) Gas Detector, SUPERIOR(TM) High Capacity Gas Chlorinator, and SUPERIOR(TM) Floor Cabinet at the Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) in Dallas, Texas, to be held from Sunday, October 22 through Wednesday, October 25.

Using cutting edge technology, CIT's SUPERIOR(TM) patented VacuFeed Vacuum Liquid Chemical Feed System assures constant metering of either Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) and Calcium Hypochlorite (granular chlorine) solutions, Aqueous Ammonia, Liquid Ammonium Sulphate, or Sodium Bisulphite into water or wastewater treatment systems, and many other processes. Its unique "Triple Bypass" check valve system virtually eliminates any possibility of backflow into the chemical storage tank. Also, since there are no moving parts, any chance of breakdowns are greatly reduced.

The SUPERIOR(TM) Gas Detector features "black box technology" that detects and records chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and ozone gasses. It delivers SUPERIOR
monitoring due to the 95 decibel internal alarm horn that alerts personnel of a gas leak. The SUPERIOR(TM) Gas Detector can also sense when the gas has cleared. It is designed for use in wastewater treatment plants, water purification plants, swimming pools, cooling towers, food and beverage processing, and chemical processing.

A renovation in gas chlorinators is the SUPERIOR(TM) High Capacity Gas Chlorinator, which feeds up to 10,000 Pounds per Day (200 KG/HR). It contains 60 percent less parts than competitive designs, improving reliability and ease of maintenance.

The attractive, corrosion-proof fiberglasses SUPERIOR(TM) Floor Cabinets are designed to house all, or just a portion, of a gas chlorination system while allowing 360 degree access to all components for quick and easy maintenance.

Read about these products and many others, in the company's new catalog available at their booth at WEFTEC, which is the largest water quality exhibition and conference in North America.

For more than two decades, Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. has been setting the standard for excellence and providing state-of-the-art solutions for water purification needs, including the disinfection of water for drinking, industrial process, chilling, washdown, and sanitation; controlling algae and slime in cooling tower and drip irrigation systems and swimming pools; and cleaning and disinfection of a variety of foods with advanced SUPERIOR-brand products. SUPERIOR products are safer, economical, and user friendly. For more information, contact Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. at (772) 461-0666, or visit their website,

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