Charley's Taxi Improves Customer Service with Automated Dispatching

Charley's Taxi uses Mentor IntelliFleet to improve dispatching efficiency and increase revenues

CALGARY, AB - As the oldest ground transportation company in Hawaii, Charley's Taxi has long been recognized as the gold-standard for taxi operations in Hawaii. To continue meeting this high level of service while expanding their business, Charley's Taxi implemented the Mentor IntelliFleet® electronic dispatching solution.

Mentor Ranger® rugged computers were installed in Charley's 200 vehicles, to work in conjunction with Mentor IntelliFleet dispatching software in the office. Charley's chose Verizon to provide wireless connectivity for Ranger in the vehicle, while Sprint is their ISP provider in the office. This combination provides them with 99% connection reliability, even in times of disasters or emergencies.

"After past experiences where hardware and software vendors blamed each other when the technology didn't work, it was important to me that the entire IntelliFleet solution was developed and built by the same company," explains Dale Evans, President of Charley's Taxi. "Additionally, Mentor's proven reliability and 24-7 support were important factors for a 24-hour-a-day business like ours."

Since the implementation, Charley's Taxi has received accolades from the community, customers and, most importantly, their drivers. "The reaction of the drivers is the biggest surprise," says Dale. "Most drivers grin when they give me thumbs up and say 'I love it! I love it! We should have had this a long time ago.'"

All of these changes are also having an impact on the company's, and the drivers', bottom line. Dale shares that, "drivers are able to earn 25-40% more revenue each day with the dispatching solution." Those extra trips have allowed Charley's to dramatically increase their supply without needing to significantly increase costs.

Not only are the drivers happy with the system, IntelliFleet has also significantly improved the work environment for the dispatchers as well. Dale explains: "The interactions between drivers and dispatchers have been reduced, as the system handles any problems with dispatching or matching trips, rather than the dispatchers themselves. The friction between drivers and dis-patchers has disappeared."

Additionally, the IntelliFleet system has allowed Charley's to easily maintain, and improve upon, their high level of service throughout this period of growth. Says Dale: "With IntelliFleet and Ranger, we have significantly expanded our supply and coverage, as well as improved customer satisfaction. IntelliFleet is helping us stay ahead of the competition and on the leading edge of the entire passenger carrier industry."

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