CFR's New Generation of Carpet Extractors

CFR-Continuous Flow Recycling-carpet extractor technology offers users advanced moisture-controlled cleaning, faster drying times, and increased cleaning productivity when compared to conventional carpet extractors.

In fact, CFR extractors are the most sustainable and environmentally responsible systems ever developed for the carpet cleaning industry

With CFR, water and solution are filtered and recycled, so the machines use up to 85 percent less water than comparable extractors.

And with new moisture-controlled wand technology, the system boasts up to 50 percent more moisture recovery than many comparable systems.

For more information, visit, or call toll-free: 800-533-2557.

About CFR, a Tacony Company

CFR designs and manufactures a complete range of eco-friendly carpet cleaning systems and high performance specialty tools with an innovative, patented technology that is radically different from other carpet cleaning systems. Continuous Flow Recycling (CFR) technology provides superior moisture-controlled cleaning, faster drying times, and increased cleaning productivity that is unmatched compared to standard carpet extractors on the market today. Through a state-of-the-art recycling filtration system, coupled with moisture-controlled atomization wand technology to minimize carpet moisture, CFR is the Greenest carpet cleaning system in the industry today.

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Doug Berjer,

CFR Brand Manager

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ph: 800.533.2557 or 866.353.6352

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Robert Kravitz, President

AlturaSolutions Communications

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