CeramTec Offers New Version of Ceramaseal® Products Catalog

Laurens, SC, December 18, 2009 - In early January 2010, CeramTec North America will offer a new version of its printed Ceramaseal® Products Catalog.

The new version of CeramTec North America's Ceramaseal® Product Catalog is a comprehensive catalog of hermetically sealed components used throughout the world. It offers an extensive product offering and is user friendly.

Ceramaseal® products are built to endure extreme conditions, whether it is an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment, temperatures ranging from cryogenic (4 K) to 450C, pressures in excess of 25,000 psig, corrosive or caustic environments, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of reliability and performance. All temperature, pressure, current, and voltage ratings are specified for the parts included in the Ceramaseal® Product Catalog. Request yours today via email: sales@ceramtec.com.

CeramTec's team of engineers can also CUSTOM DESIGN a solution for your demanding application! Whether it is a CVD cluster tool or a linear accelerator R&D program, CeramTec will design and produce the higher level assembly for you!

CeramTec pioneered the science of ceramic-to-metal sealing more than 59 years ago and today still remains the world leader in ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. Ceramaseal® products include feedthroughs, multipin connectors, coaxial connectors, thermocouples, isolators, viewports, and vacuum hardware. These components are ideally suited to support optical, gas, liquid, power, instrumentation, and sensing applications. All of CeramTec's Ceramaseal® Products are guaranteed to a leak rate < 1 x 10-10 atm-cc/sec (He).

Since 2004, CeramTec AG has been part of the US special chemicals company Rockwood Specialties Group Inc. A subsidiary of CeramTec AG, CeramTec North America is a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom-engineered, high-tech ceramics. CeramTec's ISO 9001:2000 processes create technical ceramic as well as Ceramaseal® products and subassemblies with exceptional precision, thermal stability, performance and service life. Its products are specified across a broad spectrum of applications, including electrical, electronic, structural, textile, automotive, medical, mechanical cutting tools, and hermetic systems.

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