CeramTec North America to Showcase Ceramic-To-Metal Seal and Glass-To-Metal Seal Technology at AVS 59th International Symposium and Exhibition

CeramTec North America will be showcasing a broad range of products for use in analytical equipment, energy, and vacuum system environments at the AVS 59th Symposium and Exhibition, taking place October 30th - November 1st, 2012 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida. CeramTec will be displaying Technical Ceramics and Hermetic (Ceramaseal®) products in Booth727.

Experienced Sales engineers will be on hand to provide a general overview of capabilities, demonstrate products on display, or provide private consultations on custom solutions to address specific problems or applications. You may visit our website to schedule an appointment.

CeramTec will highlight its ceramic-to-metal seals and glass-to-metal seals. As the leader in ceramic-to-metal seals, CeramTec's glass-to- metal seal technology provides a constant hermetic seal for use in single or multi-pin feedthrough applications. The feedthrough design can be customized to meet specific requirements and to accommodate various pin styles, pin counts, or geometry. The feedthrough serves a wide variety of applications including: military, medical, automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications.

CeramTec's Ceramaseal® products are built to endure extreme conditions, whether it is an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment, temperatures ranging from cryogenic (4 K) to 450°C, pressures in excess of 25,000 psig, corrosive or caustic environments, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of reliability and performance. All of CeramTec's Ceramaseal® products are guaranteed to a leak rate < 1 x 10-10 atm-cc/sec (He).

CeramTec (www.ceramtecna.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CeramTec GmbH and a leading manufacturer of high-tech, custom-engineered ceramic solutions, including hermetic components with the Ceramaseal® trademark. CeramTec products serve a wide variety of applications around the globe including: analytical/scientific equipment, automotive, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial, and semiconductor/ultra high vacuum industries. ISO 9001:2008

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