CeramTec Announces Latest Brochure: From the Experts for Advanced Ceramics

CeramTec is pleased to announce the release of its latest brochure entitled From The Experts For Advanced Ceramics. The brochure outlines CeramTec's expertise in ceramic materials and product development for current and emerging markets. An electronic version of the brochure is available online at www2.ceramtec.com.

CeramTec is one of the world's leading manufacturers of technical ceramics and has over 100 years of experience in the development, manufacturing, and sales of ground-breaking products made from ceramic materials. As a pioneer in the field of technical ceramics, CeramTec produces over 10,000 different products made of highly specialized ceramic materials with unique mechanical, electrical, thermal, and biochemical properties for advanced applications. A comprehensive ceramic material development process, production capabilities, application solutions, and years of proven experience are what make CeramTec the "Ceramic Experts".

CeramTec has complete control of its ceramic process from start to finish. Its ceramic body preparation process involves ball milling and spray drying raw materials. This process allows complete control over particle size and powder forming characteristics. As ceramic material experts, CeramTec has perfected the process for more than 100 years.

CeramTec is also one of the world's leading manufacturers of aluminum oxide (Rubalit®) and aluminum nitride (Alunit®) metalized substrates. With over 30 years for experience, CeramTec has on-site capacity and the capability to grind, laser, dry press, and hard machine metalized substrates in large-scale production. With excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, CeramTec's metalized substrates are suitable solutions for power electronics, optoelectronics, and thermo-electrical applications. CeramTec's metalized substrates validate its comprehensive material, production, and application expertise.

CeramTec's expertise is also displayed in its hermetic product line. CeramTec is the world leader in ultra-high vacuum seal technologies. CeramTec's Ceramaseal® products are built to endure extreme conditions, whether it is an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment, temperatures ranging from cryogenic (4 K) to 450°C, pressures in excess of 25,000 psig, corrosive or caustic environments, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of reliability and performance. Having pioneered the science of ceramic-to-metal sealing 60 years ago, CeramTec continues to provide innovative solutions for current and future challenges in the marketplace. CeramTec's revolutionary double ended HN Connector is just one example of the innovative solutions provided by the hermetic experts.

CeramTec North America (www2.ceramtec.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CeramTec GmbH and a leading manufacturer of high-tech, custom-engineered ceramic solutions, including hermetic components with the Ceramaseal® trademark. CeramTec products serve a wide variety of applications around the globe including: analytical/scientific equipment, automotive, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial, and semiconductor/ultra high vacuum industries.
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