Cellectriconpresents Transfection Solutions for Drug Discovery at Experimental Biology2013

Advanced electroporation systems for primary and iPSC-derived cells

Molndal, Sweden – Cellectricon, a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening technologies and services, will be exhibiting its revolutionary in-situ transfection technology platforms on booth #1178 at the Experimental Biology conference (20-24 April, Boston, US).Cellectricon will also present two posters on April 24, focusing on high performance in-situ transfection. The poster "Transfection of primary and iPSC-derived cells by capillary electroporation" (LB162) explores how Cellectricon's novel electroporation Cellaxess® ACE system is ideal for in-situ transfection of any adherent cell type. Minimal cell processing and low voltages ensure excellent viability and completely retained morphology, in any cell culture format.

For in-situ transfection applications on a larger scale, the poster "High throughput in-situ transfection of primary and iPSC-derived cells" (LB163) details how the novel electroporation platform Cellaxess® Elektrais optimized for in-vitro transfection of primary and iPSC-derived cells, directly into 384-well plates. With virtually no impact on cell viability or morphology, this system is ideal for screening applications such as cDNA and RNAi. The presentations will commence from 12:15 to 13:30, and posters will be available for viewing throughout the day.

For more information on the Cellaxess ACE, Cellaxess Elektra and Cellectricon's Discovery Services, visit www.cellectricon.com.

About Cellectricon

Cellectricon is a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening technologies and services to accelerate drug discovery and cell-based assay research. Combining in-house expertise with state-of-the-art transfection platforms, our Discovery Services offer researchers insightful compound profiling and target validation in adherent cells and native tissues early on in the decision-making process. Our proprietary technologies include leading systems for high resolution ion-channel screening and cell engineering. Developed in close collaboration with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and esteemed research labs, the Cellaxess® Technology enables scalable field stimulation, compound delivery and transfection for genomic screening of primary cells, neurones and stem cells. The Dynaflow® Technology advances ion channel research and discovery applications.

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