CDL Technology Inc. Implements New Branding Strategy

Addison IL - December 2006


On August 1, 2006 the principals of CDL Technology Inc. implemented a new branding strategy.

Numerous (patent pending) advancements on our underwater pelletizer design and process technology, make obvious our need for a globally recognizable brand, under which all equipment will be produced.

As of November 1, 2006, all CDL underwater pelletizing equipment will be known as CROWNTM, which is now our underwater pelletizing machine division. All business communications and correspondence will be referred to as CROWN/CDL Technology Inc., and our home on the Internet is now

During the past few years as our underwater pelletizer patents and (patent pending) designs went into production, we recognized that these designs provided many features that are unique among underwater pelletizers.

As we grow and continue to expand and improve CROWNTM underwater pelletizer equipment and the machinery associated with pelletizing, CROWN/CDL Technology Inc. will be better positioned to continue our drive toward innovation.

In the first quarter of 2007, CROWN/CDL Technology Inc. will be announcing the opening of their new development laboratory in Addison, Illinois. This facility will allow for live demonstration of twin and single screw extruders in a variety of sizes coupled to our automated CROWNTM underwater pelletizing systems.

A few of the cutting edge processes available in the CROWN/CDL Technology Inc. lab are:

1) Ceramic-Titanium die designs

2) Hyper cooled cutting

3) Dry Face cutting

4) Micro pellet process development

5) Nitrogen Chamber pelletizing

6) Non-Impact drying and cooling

7) Processing of difficult materials

8) New product processing

CROWN/CDL Technology Inc. would like to thank our valued customers. As our customer, you are the reason why we continue to push the envelope of technology and advanced engineering solutions for CROWNTM plastic processing equipment.

CROWN/CDL Technology Inc.

511 Vista Ave.

Addison, IL 60101

PH: (630) 543-5240

FX: (630) 546-4656



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