CCI Thermal Technologies Donates Food, School Supplies

Greensburg - Employees of CCI Thermal Technologies, Inc. gathered at the Greensburg Bread of Life Wednesday afternoon to serve food and distribute backpacks full of school supplies to local families in need.

The volunteers handed out approximately 60 backpacks containing notebook paper, composition books, crayons, pens, pencils and even treats to children ranging in age from elementary to high school students. The funds needed to obtain the items contained in each backpack were raised through the company's pedometer walking program, a company wellness initiative.

According to information provided to the Daily News by Susy Patti, CCI Thermal Technologies' human resources receptionist, 20 employees joined the walking program and divided into groups of four. Each team member carried a pedometer that measured his or her every step during a period of several weeks. The total miles walked were then combined in an effort to have cumulatively walked the equivalent distance from Greensburg to the company's two divisions in Ontario, Canada, as well as to the corporate office located in the Canadian province of Alberta. The total distance came out to be about 10,000 miles. Each of those miles was matched with a 10 cent donation by the company's owner, Harold Roozen. The end result was a total of $1,000 being donated to the program. The group has not quite reached the 10,000 mile mark just yet, but assistant general manager Peggy Williams indicated the teams would reach that goal in the near future.

The total funds collected were later used to purchase school items and backpacks for local families unable to afford them for the coming school year. An additional $50 was raised from the out-of-pocket donations of CCI employees.

On hand at the Greensburg Bread of Life Wednesday were eight CCI employees, all lending their helping hands to food preparation and service. According to Melissa Foist, who heads the Greensburg Bread of Life, all food items were donated by Walmart. Foist wished to thank the Greensburg Walmart Supercenter store manager Andy Dick for his help in assisting the program through his store's food donations and for "not letting good food go to waste."

At its close, the program was expected to serve approximately 235 meals consisting of smoked sausage, macaroni and cheese, fresh fruit and a salad. The macaroni and cheese, noted Foist, was donated by KB Foods, who she also wished to thank.

Susy Patti and Peggy Williams also stated another CCI Thermal Technologies charity is planned for this winter.

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