CBSA Appoints National Bronze Mfg. Co. VP to Board of Directors

Hilton Head, SC - The 65th Annual CBSA Convention included educational sessions, networking opportunities, as well as the appointment of new Board Members to the CBSA Board of Directors. One of those new board members is National Bronze Mfg. Co. VP of Business Development Michael Russo.


Russo, who also serves on CBSA’s Communication Committee, brings not only his knowledge of Bronze, Brass, and Copper Alloy products, but as well as extensive experience in B2B Digital Marketing.  “At National Bronze Mfg. we have been able to diversify and grow through the use of various digital marketing technologies.  From content and inbound marketing campaigns to developing a number of ecommerce platforms for our customers, we’ve worked hard to be on the cutting edge when it comes to delivering our marketing message” Russo states.  “I hope to be an asset to the association and to be able to share some of my unique experience in the B2B Digital Marketing field”.


The Board of Directors term is a 3 year term which will last until 2019.  Board of Directors duties go above and beyond the duties of normal Delegates.  “It’s really an honor to be appointed, to look across the board room and see some of the top figures in our industry is really both a humbling experience as well as a motivator for new goals to strive for” comments Russo.


About National Bronze Mfg. Co.


National Bronze Mfg. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bronze based products. Since 1911 National Bronze Mfg. has been one the largest manufacturers of bronze bushings, bearings, and other industrial components. National Bronze Mfg. is also a full metal service center supplying bronze, brass, and copper bar stock to manufacturers worldwide. With an expertise in copper alloy based product National Bronze Mfg. services customers in a wide variety of industries.

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