CANNON Introduces New "Check Oils" for SAE Target Viscosities

CANNON Instrument Company has released a new line of viscosity check oils specifically designed
for verification of SAE target viscosities per ASTM D 445, D 5293, and D 4684.

The CVCO (Certified Viscosity Check Oil) series includes formulated commercial engine oils with certified values for kinematic viscosity in mm2/s (cSt) at 40 and 100°C, cranking viscosity in mPa·s (cP) at old and new SAE J300 specification temperatures, pumping viscosity in mPa·s (cP) at SAE J300 specification temperatures, and density in g/mL at 15°C. These new materials are available in 1 L (Qts) and 3.8 L (1 Gallon) sizes.

The oils enable users to "check" the performance of their Cold-Cranking Simulator, Mini-Rotary Viscometer, and Kinematic Viscometers by measuring commercially-available formulated engine oils.

Viscosity values for the check oils will be at typical blend targets. Custom check oils with customer-specified blend targets may also be requested. Precision of the new check oils will be equivalent to the existing CANNON standard lines. CANNON will continue to provide necessary calibration certification with all Viscosity Check Oils.

Contact CANNON Instrument Company to obtain price and availability information for these new Certified Viscosity Check Oils.

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