Cameo Communications Unveils WiMAX MIMO PCMCIA Products Based on Runcom Technologies' Wave 2 Solutions

TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, May 14/ - Cameo Communications, an international network products supplier based in Taiwan, disclosed its latest Mobile WiMAX PCMCIA products based on Wave-2 Profile MIMO 1T x 2R (MISO) solutions from Runcom Technologies. Cameo, a leading supplier for WiFi and Broadband products to worldwide brand name customers, expects to offer this Mobile MIMO WiMAX PCMCIA card in Q3 2007.

"The major WiMAX service providers and customers, having seen many SISO products, are now looking for advanced Wave-2 MIMO MSS which can achieve better performances when it works with MIMO WiMAX base stations. To take the lead in supplying this demand, we now bring to the market a powerful WiMAX solution, adopting Runcom's latest WiMAX Matrix-B chipset along with NXP's MIMO radio technology," said Roger Wu, chief technology officer of Cameo Communications. "Cameo's new product, with Runcom's MIMO technologies, will deliver high performance, ease-of-use wireless broadband access solutions to our customers, service providers, and their subscribers."

With Cameo's latest MIMO PC card plugged in notebooks, subscribers can easily take advantage of the mobile Internet services three to five times faster than today's cellular networks. Meanwhile it can also work with Cameo's WiMAX/3G IAD gateway acting as a wireless broadband access device to obtain WiFi, LAN, and VoIP services. Cameo also provides SISO USB adapters with which subscribers can access to WiMAX network with a normal USB cable.

According to a recent market report done by Institute of Information Industry of Taiwan, the worldwide WiMAX device shipment volume are expected to reach 50 million units in 2012, and the Taiwan WiMAX shipment value will be more than 1,878 million US dollar.

"Runcom and Cameo are proud to offer the world leading MIMO-powered WiMAX PC card based on the latest Wave-2 design releases from Runcom. We are confident it will lead the wireless industry to provide MIMO-based products for global customers for their successful WiMAX commercial deployments worldwide." said Dr Zion Hadad, Chairman of Runcom Technologies. "Seeing tremendous demand from customers for Wave-2 MIMO products, we believe this product will fulfill the upcoming booming demands from carrier and service providers."

About Cameo Communications

Cameo Communications, Inc. is a Taiwanese networking products supplier specializing in Management Ethernet Switch, Ethernet products, Optical Fiber products, VOIP, IP Set top box, XDSL, Cable modem, IEEE802.11 Wireless LAN products, UWB products, 3G mobile products, and DVB-T/ATSC TV Receivers. Cameo designs and manufactures custom network communication products according to the order and specification of its customers. Additional information about Cameo is available at

About Runcom Technologies

Runcom is a technology company pioneering OFDMA based silicon solutions for user terminals and base stations that comply with the
IEEE802.16e-2005 standard for WiBro and Mobile WiMAX applications. Runcom products include the PHY and MAC communication layers. Runcom RNA200 ASIC was the first mobile WIMAX compliant ASIC in the market.

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