Calbrite(TM) Stainless Steel Conduit Provides Greater Durability than PVC-Coated Products

HAMMOND, Ind. - Calbrite(TM), the leading name in stainless steel conduit, fittings and accessories, provides stainless steel, UL- approved conduit systems that are a safe alternative to PVC-coated products. Unlike conduit systems that are PVC-coated, Calbrite's stainless steel conduit systems are corrosion-resistant, 100% recyclable and provide the lowest cost of lifetime ownership due to significantly fewer maintenance and replacement requirements long-term in many applications and environments. Stainless steel is the optimal choice for use in food processing environments, water and wastewater treatment facilities, petrochemical and refining facilities, pulp and paper production, mining, and anywhere that corrosive conditions call for superior strength, resistance and durability.

Stainless steel conduit and fittings also require no special tools for installation and little maintenance, improving efficiency and decreasing down time.

"The safest and most economical conduit material for year-after-year durability in corrosive environments is stainless steel. Particularly when it comes to highly regulated applications such as food processing and water and wastewater treatment, stainless steel is far superior to PVC-coated materials for its anti-corrosion properties as well as for meeting the more stringent health and safety requirements of those industries," said Matt Westerfield, director of sales and operations for Calbrite products.

The use of PVC products has been reduced in major cities, such as New York City, due to sanctions on purchasing policies that discourage the use of products that lead to formation of persistent toxic chemicals (PBTs). PVC poses risks when it is produced or burned since the PVC plastic emits dioxins, which can cause harm to immune and reproductive systems, and it releases deadly gases like hydrogen chloride when ignited which turns into hydrochloric acid if inhaled.

Stainless steel doesn't pose these problems. Its smooth uncoated finish will not flake and the material does not burn and emit dangerous smoke and carcinogens.

"Many plant engineers are attracted to the lower initial investment cost of PVC-coated materials but soon realize that the general upkeep and lack of dependability will make that initial investment increase exponentially. Stainless steel will last for years longer than any other conduit system in harsh environments, without any post-installation repairs," Westerfield said.

Calbrite's type 304 and type 316 UL-listed stainless steel conduit and fittings resist corrosion, and, should they be scratched, the metal will "self heal" if oxygen is present, and for further protect against corrosion, it will oxidize over the abrasion. If the PVC Coating is damaged during installation, even slightly, it will cause the galvanized conduit to be exposed directly to the corrosive environment. This can cause internal corrosion and often causes deterioration without being noticed. The reduction of labor costs and self-healing attribute makes stainless steel an ideal solution for mining, transportation, petrochem and renewable energy. Leading the industry in type 304 and type 316 UL-listed stainless steel conduit systems, Calbrite meets and exceeds the requirements for wash-down, food-safety/potable-watersafety.

It also meets the specifications for plant cleanliness by HACCP, FDA, various state agencies, and other regulatory requirements. Calbrite is UL6A-listed, UL514A and 514Blisted, and many of its products are ARRA-compliant.

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About Calbrite

Calbrite, headquartered in Hammond, IN, is a division of Calpipe Industries, the leading name in stainless steel conduit systems for harsh and corrosive environments. We offer the largest stainless steel conduit product line in the industry manufactured to strict guidelines set forth by UL and NEMA, with most products being ARRA-compliant. Calbrite supports its customers throughout the US and Canada from distribution centers in Hammond, IN, Downey, CA and Odessa, FL. For more information about Calbrite, visit our website at

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