Reveals How to Eliminate Server Room Disorganization and Clutter with Rack Cable Management

Data center organization pros share tips on how to keep patch cords easy to identify, and make spaghetti-like network cabling a thing of the past.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - So, you've reached the point where it hurts just to look at the tangled network cables spilling from the rear of your server rack. You can feel your blood pressure spiking every time you need to isolate a single cable among scores of identical ones. And forget about ever walking clients or visitors through your server room... the disorganization is just too embarrassing.

"Not only do unmanaged patch cords look bad, they're also highly susceptible to becoming twisted and crushed - both of which prevent data signals from being properly transmitted," notes Christina Hansen, a Product Specialist with "Tangled network cables can also make troubleshooting and maintenance tasks a nightmare. Because patch cables can be extremely difficult to identify and isolate, searching for the right one can greatly increase your downtime."

That's where proper server room wire management, in the form of efficient cord control and cable identification, comes into play. recommends a few helpful tools and methods for transforming tangled data center cables into well-organized network connections.

Neat Patch

The Neat Patch ( system is based on 2-foot patch cords, which are a far cry from the bulky, needlessly long 7 and 10-foot patch cables that are often specified for LAN server installations. Neat Patch's shorter patch cords are the perfect length to form exactly one loop between patch panel connection points. These single-coil circuits not only eliminate cable strain, but also promote optimum bandwidth within your network. Neat Patch's deep-pocket cable managers rack mount horizontally between patch panels and their corresponding network switches, and work by containing the single loop of cable that results from each connection. No overflowing vertical cable channels - just perfectly organized rows of patch cables.

Panduit® NetRunner(TM) Vertical Cable Manager

It may be a cable manager, but the Panduit NetRunner(TM) ( doesn't stop at patch cord routing and organization... it also promotes airflow to reduce the buildup of heat within server enclosures. Thanks to the NetRunner's(TM) wider finger spacing (found on both the front and back of the cable manager), air is able to circulate freely, allowing equipment to run cooler and more efficiently. With a height of 45RU (80.4″), the NetRunner provides excellent cable management and bend radius protection along the entire length of most cabinets, and dual-hinged covers allow technicians to easily access cabling for maintenance.

Thermal Transfer Label Printers and Cable Labels

When it comes to data centers, there's really no such thing as too many labels. When you're dealing with a seemingly countless numbers of servers, switches and patch cords, it's in your best interest to label each and every data port and component. Taking a little extra time to label at the get-go can lead to exponential time savings in the long run - maintenance and troubleshooting take a fraction of the time when personnel can trace cables and ports at a glance, instead of using the frustrating trial-and-error method. For patch panels and switches, use hard-wearing thermal transfer labels ( that can take the heat of constantly-running equipment. On cables, try sleeve-style heat shrink labels (, which won't peel or drop off once shrunk into place.

Consumers may order a wide selection of rack cable management solutions online at or via toll-free telephone at 1-866-222-0030.


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