Buehler Celebrates 75 Years Partnership with ASM International

LAKE BLUFF, ILL. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 14, 2019 - Buehler, An ITW Company and ASM International are celebrating 75 of continuous partnership in 2019. The pinnacle of this relationship is Buehler’s continuous support of the ASM World Training Center in Novelty, Ohio through its innovations for metallography and hardness testing, solutions for the newest materials and participation in ASM International activities.

Ryan Milosh, ASM Chief Sales and Marketing Officer proclaims, “As materials for aerospace, automobiles, electronics and medical devices evolve at a rapid pace for Industry 4.0, organizations like Buehler and ASM International lead the charge by offering equipment and training to meet the needs of cutting-edge organizations. Our partnership embodies the ongoing relationship of solutions providers with associations catering to the advancement of industry.”

Dr. Mike Keeble, Buehler’s US Laboratory and Technology Manager and a Director of the International Metallographic Society (IMS) notes, “This longstanding partnership, includes Buehler equipment at the ASM Training Center, participation on the chapter level by Buehler employees and affiliations with the ASM Heat Treating Society, the IMS, and the Thermal Spray Society. In addition, Buehler recognizes excellence in Metallography and Material Science by endowing the ASM Francis F. Lucas Metallographic Award and the Jacquet Lucas Award. Our mutual investment in training laboratory technicians and custom material solutions impacts production of quality critical manufactured goods and hastens speed to market.”

Buehler’s metallographic preparation equipment –the IsoMet High Speed precision saw, the SimpliMet 4000 duplex mounting press, the Wilson VH Series hardness testing equipment with automated DiaMet™ hardness testing software, and consumables are available at the ASM Training Center. It is Buehler’s aim to continue to update the ASM Training Center with the latest sample preparation machines. ASM uses these new instruments in advanced metallography training courses designed to teach participants about high precision manufacturing and materials testing techniques. Customized metallographic solutions for new materials or processes are available at Buehler’s Global Solution Centers.

ASM became known as the American Society of Metals in 1933 and expanded its scope to include composites, ceramics and electronic materials and became known as ASM International in 1986. Buehler was founded in 1936 by Adolph I. Buehler and led the way in developing the first metallographic equipment for the burgeoning automobile industry. In 2006 Buhler was acquired by ITW, a Fortune 200 company and in 2011 the Wilson line of hardness equipment also became part of the company’s offering.

About ASM International 
ASM International is the world’s largest association of materials-centric engineers and scientists. They are dedicated to informing, educating, and connecting the materials community to solve problems, improve materials performance, and support professional development. To learn more about ASM International, visit http://www.asminternational.org.

About Buehler 
Buehler, An ITW Company, is a global industrial manufacturer of value-added sample preparation equipment, consumables and hardness testing equipment with related service businesses. The company innovates solutions and offers expert service and support throughout the materials preparation and analysis market. For additional information on the Buehler product offering please visit http://www.buehler.com or contact Buehler at marketing(at)buehler(dot)com USA 1-847-295-6500.

In 2006, Buehler was acquired by ITW, a developer and processor of engineered components, industrial systems and consumables. ITW is a global, Fortune 200 company with 51,000 employees across 56 countries. For additional information on ITW please visit http://www.itw.com .

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