Brochure Highlights Motion Solutions for Defense, Aerospace, and National Security Applications

o Single- and multi-axis motion simulators

o Multi-axis angular testing and calibration systems

o High vacuum (10-7 torr) and cleanroom systems

o Advanced system controls

o Sub-arc-second and nanometer accuracies

Aerotech's newest brochure, Advanced Motion Systems for Defense, Aerospace, and National Security, includes a greatly expanded assortment of multi-axis motion simulators, pedestals, precise 2-axis azimuth/elevation gimbals, vacuum-rated motion systems, advanced system controls, and high-performance linear and rotary stages and gantries. It presents our complete line of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) motion control components and systems for the defense and aerospace industries, as well as custom-engineered solutions.

The free 56-page color brochure covers topics including advanced single axis, two axis, and three-axis motion simulators, advanced motion simulator controls, electro-optics (optronics) test systems, high load-capacity linear and rotary stages, high vacuum and cleanroom-ready systems, prototype laser and microwave beam steering systems, solar tracking and telescope systems, and a complete section devoted to our high-performance components including rotary stages, linear stages, and gantries.

Advanced Motion Systems for Defense, Aerospace, and National Security provides designers in these industries with a valuable resource when researching and specifying highly advanced motion solutions for their industries. The brochure is available for immediate download from the Aerotech website and hard copies are available by contacting Aerotech.

For further information, please contact Steve McLane at 412-967-6854 (direct), or via e-mail at In addition, the brochure can be downloaded at

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