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Last May two men blocked a freight liner carrying 40,000 tons of coal that was heading to the largest power plant in the Northeast. They have just stood trial and successfully invoked the necessity defense. They claimed that they saw no other option than to act to stop the delivery of this coal. The groundbreaking moment came less than an hour into the hearing when the District Attorney dropped all charges and made a statement agreeing with the two men and calling for more direction from higher level leadership.

This is important because this is the first time such a defense has been used successfully by climate activists, and I would suspect it will not be the last. I believe that we will continue to see activism in more and more places.

At PureStat we offer products to accommodate our clients' wide range of needs. A specific capability we are proud of is using an additive to make plastics photodegradable. This means the plastics will safely degrade due to exposure to natural light within 9-12 months after they are used and disposed of. The best part is that the degrading does not begin to happen until the material comes into organisms during disposal, so the products remain robust enough during their useful life. We hear the calls to make products and processes more green and will continue to work on new ways to serve our clients in responsible ways even as their demands change.

Ask us about our truly environment line of plastic packaging and environmentally friendly ESD packaging and how it can work to serve you better.  Our bio-degradable plastics are available as tubing, sheeting (up to 8 mils thick), bags and foam in both plain and anti-static formats.  We only use prime resin in our products, so you can always count on consistent, high quality products from PureStat whether they are FDA food or medical bags, lobster bags, barrier packaging, ESD packaging or plain poly bags you can depend on Purestat, innovators in plastic packaging.

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