Blue Giant Equipment Corporation Is Pleased to Announce the Hiring of Luciano Pelosi as Engineering Manager.

Luciano has been a professional engineer for ten years and has over thirteen years of experience in the manufacturing industry. He is also a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI). His areas of specialty include new product development and application of cost-reducing improvements to existing designs and processes.

As project manager for a manufacturer of catalytic emission control products, Luciano played a directing role in the design and construction of custom catalytic converters that reduced NOx emissions in vehicles. Prior to that, he was a mechanical design engineer for a hydraulic press and manufacturer that designed automated machinery and presses ranging in weight from 150 to 11,000 tons.

Luciano has also worked in the research and development department of a large injection molding company, where he focused on cost reduction.

As Engineering Manager at Blue Giant, Luciano will lead the mechanical engineering team and provide support to the Sales and Production Departments.

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