Blue Blade Steel Reintroduces Pretempered Stainless Strip Steel

Kenilworth, NJ - Blue Blade Steel reintroduces 400 series hardened & tempered stainless steel strip now able to meet the most critical shape, hardness, and finish applications through new technologies recently brought inline. Already an accomplished manufacturer of 410 SST, 420 SST, and 440A SST martensitic stainless strip steel; Blue Blade Steel began targeting more critical applications in the medical, recreation, and construction industries in experimental campaigns over the past few years.

Many medical and construction applications require extremely flat products that must hold their form. Rolling the more common 300 series SST embeds excessive stress resulting in poor shape when manufacturers stencil, weld, or form parts. Due to the unique anneal and hardening furnace cycles used to process prehardened 400 series SST, the end product is virtually stress free ensuring a flatter product with better shape than can be achieved in the "as rolled" condition.

Pretempered 400 series stainless strip steel also has competitive advantages when considering finished part costs as well. Stamping strip steel that is already heat treated eliminates cost variances in batch heat treating for customers currently stamping annealed parts.

Trucking costs to and from batch furnaces, scrap due to distorted parts, and unreliable lead times all lead to unexpected costs. Customized hardness offered by Blue Blade Steel eliminate these variable costs ensuring your sales team has the most accurate costs when quoting new jobs allowing them to negotiate to the dime when necessary.

These 400 series martensitic grades are just a few of the new advances Blue Blade Steel is proud to announce. Many such advances were initiated by the free consultative part review program.

Free metal stamping consultations with engineering and metallurgical experts employed at Blue Blade Steel seek niche solutions that reduce both finished part costs and lead time for more competitive answers to an ever growing world market. Just send your part, or print. Call 908-272-2620, or email for details.

Please think of Blue Blade Steel for your next inquiry for pre-tempered C1050, 1055, 1060, 1065, 1070, 1075, 1080, 1085, 1090, 1095, 4150, 6150, 5160, SST 410, SST 420, SST 440A, 10B38, or other high carbon/alloy grades.

Located in Kenilworth, N.J., Blue Blade Steel Corp is a proud U.S. manufacturer and ships regularly across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, visit our website for more information ( or send us an email at Phone: 908-272-2620; Fax 908-272-8252.

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