Block Scientific Offering Quality Horizontal Centrifuges from Drucker Diagnostics

Block Scientific offers a wide range of quality centrifuges from top manufacturers. This portfolio includes advanced horizontal centrifuges from industry leader Drucker Diagnostics, which are known to provide repeatable, reproducible, and high quality analytic results every time. The centrifuge models available at this lab equipment store differ in terms of application (blood, general purpose, semen, STAT blood and urine), rotor type, tube capacity, tube size, and tube type, rotational speed and max G-force.

Block Scientific's collection of horizontal centrifuges from Drucker Diagnostics includes devices for use in doctors' offices and large and small labs. Customers can choose from the following models:

Model 642B: Features high quality sample separations with full horizontal separation for test tubes up to 10mL, has a compact design and is MET compliant to CAN/CSA/UL standards.

Model 642E: Identified as world's best selling horizontal clinical centrifuges; features simple "one-button" operation and reduces blood separation processing times by 33% while saving valuable counter space.

Model 642VES: An ideal tool for urine, fertility testing, and blood separations; a variable-speed centrifuge designed for the doctor's office or small lab with easy to use options such as scrollable time setting and digital readout.

Model 653ES: Ideal for use in the clinical lab and Platelet-Poor-Plasma processing; can accommodate up to 12 tubes and features unique horizontal rotor and higher separation force.

Model 653V: Accommodates up to 12 tubes in a horizontal rotor or 20 tubes in a fixed angle rotor; features precise variable speed control, electronic braking and an audible end of run indicator, assuring versatility and high performance in a small footprint.

Model 842VES: Meets the needs of the most demanding lean laboratories; high G-force capabilities provide platelet poor plasma for chemistry samples and coags in 3 minutes.

Model 853VES: Medium capacity centrifuge featuring an exclusive Drucker rotor and airflow design for the highest quality separations every time; easily adjustable settings; internal memory that allows for common settings to be stored for later use.

Block Scientific also offers comprehensive support for laboratories with budget constraints by offering reagent rental plans, lab equipment lease programs, and recertified instruments at prices much lower than new.

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