BLM Automatic Clutch Ensures Continuous Trouble-Free Service in This 800 H.P. "Heavy-Duty" Drive

Another example of a soundly engineered HEAVY-DUTY power drive is this BLM Automatic Clutch in direct connection between 800 H.P. Electric Motor and Speed Reducer at Main Line Shaft Drive in the Thunder Bay Elevator of the Canadian Consolidated Grain Company at Fort William, Ont.

Due to the fact that any failure or stoppage of the Main Line Drive would paralyze the operation and result in heavy losses, a positive, trouble-free transmission is essential to the installation. This is why the C. D. Howe Company Limited, Consulting Engineers, in the conversion of the plant from steam engine to electric motor, specified the BLM Automatic Clutch to direct connect 800 H.P. at 720 RPM synchronous electric motor to the input shaft of a Hamilton Gear & Machine Co. single reduction helical speed reducer (reduction 720 to 144 RPM.)

This BLM Clutch, 30 inches in diameter, was installed with the assurance that there would be no failure and that the MAINTENANCE COSTS WOULD BE NEGLIGIBLE.

The BLM Clutch is designed for fractional to any required H.P. If you have a transmission problem, consult our engineers.

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