Blast from the Past: Hamilton Fight Song

It's Flashback February, and that means we're dipping into the Hamilton archives to show you just how ferociously dedicated we are - and always have been - to the Hamilton way.

Our crack team of amateur sleuths in Marketing recently dug up an old fight song from 1975 that was penned by none other than our former Vice President Tom Lippert and his wife, Adele. The song was mailed out - along with a plastic bugle to help you toot the musical notes - as a raucous rallying cry to get distributors psyched about selling Hamilton. The Hamilton Hero caricature was a mainstay of Hamilton's monthly printed newsletter during the 70's and 80's.

Hamilton Heroes, all! Follow the PRONTO® call! Charge!

FUN FACT: Hamilton began sending monthly printed newsletters way back in 1958. Old timers would remember the infamous Hamilton Highlights - the big papa to today's Revolution. We valued regular communication back then and still to this day.

Just how groovy is that logo at the top of this song sheet?

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