Blaser Swisslube Improves Coolant Literature

GOSHEN, N.Y. - Blaser Swisslube, Inc., premier supplier of world class, Swiss-quality metalworking fluids, now offers a new Plant Power addition to the Cool Liquid Tools catalog, a comprehensive guide to Blaser's coolant and cutting oil dependability.

The illuminating Plant Power section describes the unique features and distinguished benefits of using vegetable oil technology. True to Blaser catalog form, this valuable information is supplemented with bold graphics and comprehensive visuals.

With over 35 products to offer, including Blasocut, Vascomill and Vasco, the Cool Liquid Tools catalog presents targeted information concerning the performance, stability, ease of use, value and health and safety of Blaser's metalworking fluids and tools. Detailed diagrams and clearly-presented information about Blaser's Jetmixes are also included.

Blaser's engineers guide you along through each page, personally explaining why Blaser products can be counted on for high-performance, dependability, increased tool life and lowering overall production costs.

The modern, high-tech design and vibrant charts make this catalog a superb reference for anyone interested in learning more about Blaser's commitment to provide customers with superior products.

Founded in 1936, Blaser Swisslube, Inc. has formulated first-rate metalworking solutions for 70 years. Blaser metalworking fluids are recognized world wide for dependability in improving tool life, production and part quality and reducing overall production costs. Blaser products are developed by a team of researchers at the Blaser headquarters in Switzerland, and U.S. production is based in Goshen, N.Y.

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